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Работы Чарльза Пирса

The Passenger Liner 'Queen Mary' Arriving at Southampton, 27 March 1936

Night Scene of Southern Railway Steamers as Hospital Ships during World War II

The 'Tirpitz' Attacked by Barracudas, 3 April 1944

Battleship in Suez Canal, HMS 'Howe'

Aircraft Carriers in the Malta Convoy

Big and Little: HMS 'Glorious' and a Motor Launch at the Island of Inchkeith under Snow

A Boarding Party of Royal Naval Reserve Men Going Aboard a Prize under Searchlight

The Convoy Led by Admiral Vian Fighting Its Way through to Malta

HMS 'Fearless'

Off Cowes, 1923: The Yachts 'Britannia', 'Terpsichore' and 'Ilyrica'

Beachy Head, East Sussex, Moonlight

Yacht Regatta at Southend-on-Sea, Essex

Rescue of the Hospital Ship 'Aba' by HMS 'Coventry'


The Action of 11 August 1918, Island of Borkum: Zeppelin Falling; the Flagship is Flying the Signal

Moonlight Barque
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